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This is a WIP story that I cooked up a while ago. I’m uploading this here so I can show people what I have, there are no immediate plans to finish this I’m afraid.

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Just a place to showcase what I’ve been working on these past couple of days. Purely a proof of concept, but I will be working on this throughout the summer months to make it a full program.

Well what is it, I hear you cry! What it is, or rather what it’s going to be, is a tool for viewing FurAffinity without your browser open, and by doing so will allow greater flexibility in how you use the site! I’ll be adding things like an offline archive/database tool that downloads all your favourite images to your hard disk for personal viewing when you’re away from the internet, and also to save you from that dreaded moment when your favourite artist wipes their gallery clean with no notice. It can be set up to “sync” images from your favourite artists as it sees them in your submission inbox, download entire back catalogues of art automatically with one click and organise it for you.

Of course, it’s nowhere near that just yet. It’s still just me testing a few things out, I haven’t even got to version numbers yet. This is what it is after about 6-8 hours on/off coding. I can view the profiles of any user, including a preview of their nine most recent uploads. I can then view these uploads in another window. That’s it. All of the downloading and archiving will come later, but until then, feel free to have a quick gander through!


Basic method of currently looking up a user

The current user view. Very basic, all the submissions are clickable and will open them in a fullsize window.

The submission display window has only had about an hour's work on it so far, so all I've got is it able to show the submission. Everything else is a placeholder, and will be filled soon.

I am going to make it work first, and then do all the interface later. Function before Form.

“But Sosh!” I imagine you crying in my head. “FA doesn’t have an API, what wizardry are you doing this with?!?”. Well then, there’s a super complex convoluted way of doing it. It’s called parsing the HTML like a webbrowser for specific things and just displaying those. Not rocket science.



>Need to figure out how log-in authentication works, so I can log into the site and bring up things like the submission inbox. Right now it’s just acting as a guest user, so things like that and the viewing of mature and adult marked submissions don’t work. Oh, and anything which isn’t an image file breaks _EVERYTHING_. Oops.


Let’s see if I can make this work properly before FA’s new UI update comes around (which, consequently, will require a recode of this application)





A fair few people have been asking me about this recently, so I thought I’d just clear the air with a handily available blog post for you all.

In my mind, and therefore in the world of Sosh, there is no defined canon of any particular story or sequence of events that must be continued. Due to the way I like to imagine things happening, it wouldn’t be a good idea to have a continuous story that everything would have to fit into. Due to this, I’ve never really bothered to think up a backstory to Sosh, and I probably never will as it’s not something I’m immediately interested in doing. Take for example, how I usually play Sosh as a character. He’ll usually start as Sosh, and then over a short period of time (usually a month or thereabouts) I’ll usually have an ongoing state of Sosh that is due to any roleplays or stories or even my own imagination shaping him. This is most easily recognisable as his current weight. He’ll usually start of smallish, probably in the region of 600 to 800lbs as a rule of thumb, and then will continually get fatter as he gorges himself. The normal rule of “Bigger is better” is followed up to the point where it’s just too difficult to continue from (usually house-sized blob) as I like to keep certain degrees of “believable” anatomy in the frame. I’m a sucker for more realism over toony stuff.

So, to recap, there is no Canon in the universe I picture Sosh to be in. Just makes it easier for me.

All artwork in this blog post is (c) Glaz, G&G Logo is (c) Alex Grey

I think that the quote I’m using for the title of this blog post is very, very accurate. Now, I don’t actively go looking for trouble. In fact, the only things I tend to go looking for, as you’re aware, is food. Otherwise, I’m just your average rather lazy dragon. However, a few nights ago, while suffering from a rather heavy bout of insomnia, I was sitting in my favourite arm chair and watching a bit of godawful late-night cable TV, when an advert came on. It was asking for volunteers to come forward as a biomedical research laboratory was investigating something to do with the effects of obesity on the body. I didn’t pay much attention at first, but at the end of the advert the text said this “One weekend, paying £500 and accommodation and food included” and the address was only about 10 minutes on the bus from the stop outside my house. Read more →

Commence spam upload of images that Glaz did this weekend in his sketchbook!

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So, with 12 days to go until Christmas, here, have an early Christmas present!

I’ve always found that saying to be a curious one. So many people say it, but yet probably 90% or more of the rules imposed upon them they follow without question. Of course, nobody ever pays attention to that rule about not using Facebook in work…

Anyway, this blog post is not going to be a philosophical debate on an old saying that’s said to children who disobey their parents. As I’ve said in the title, rules are not the only things to be broken. Records are.

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Now, I do realise I have been kind of neglecting this blog as of late. I do hope that I can reverse this! (Job hasn’t left me with a lot of free time to spare. And what of it I have is spent chatting and gaming.)

So instead, I shall now treat you to a viewing feast of where I do all my Sosh-stuffs from. Actual chair not shown (you really think my ass would fit in that?)

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May I just make it clear here that my role in an RP is not just to give you some masturbation material for those times when you haven’t got anything to do. There’s plenty of that on Fur Affinity.

This is just a quick post to convey a point. This is mainly to do with Vore RPs, and how I’m sick and tired of a fair few of you that always nom a dragon, yet never grant me the same privallage in return. Now, I don’t particularly like being nommed at all, but I go along with it because I like making other people happy. So when I instantly get turned away whenever I try to have any fun, it pisses me off just a little.

So as of now, I’m not going to be prey for you peeps. If you don’t like it, tough. I’m making a stand. This isn’t a one way street, it’s nice if other people treat you the same way you treat them, you know?

Tea and Biscuits. Clotted cream in scones. Buttered Crumpets. All of these I would could proper British Institutions. However, there is one British Institution that is Great. And that is moaning about stuff. However, that would not make a particularly riveting blog post for you all to read. So instead, I shall talk about another Great British Insitution that we all love and cherish. Fish and Chips.

I got to savour that institution last night, and as you’d expect, it’s food, and I’m going to blog about it. One track mind and all that.

So, I’d been out all day doing some lighting work for the youth event I’m doing tomorrow (just generally programming chases in, and fiddling with our new LED parcans which are <3) and when I got home, I got told the best thing that I could’ve got told. My step father was too lazy to cook, and my mother was out all night at some reception dinner thing. So we were going to get Fish and Chips. Joy of joys! Seeing as it has been quite a while since I’ve been back home, my parents have not become accustomed to my more…energetic appetite, so my standard order had to be upped a little bit…or rather, multiplied quite a few times.

30 minutes pass, and with the news alive with reports of Tectonic activity in a suburb of Cardiff, which was really just my stomach rumbling, the food arrived. Pile upon pile of lovely greasy smelling packages, the fresh fatty juices from the batter of the fish oozing through the folds of the newspaper it was wrapped in, the oil from the chips dripping from yesterday’s crossword puzzles. I’ll tell you now, that smell is HEAVENLY. I really wouldn’t want to know exactly how much fatty juices and oils are in all that lovely food. No, because I’d rather all the food be in my face rather than some know it all yak yak yaking away at me. And then that know it all would be joining the food in my face, and then my stomach and then would add just that little bit more of oh-so-wonderful pudge to my frame.

So, there we have it, a fair mountain of food in front of an increasingly hungry dragon. I mean hell, I’ve been waiting for half an hour! This is like TORTURE. I don’t care that you have to cook it, a fatty is hungry and that means there should be food in his face. No excuses. Thankfully, I was in a more patient mood and sedated my stomach for that achingly long time with some coca cola (some of that tectonic activity would have been from my belches too I think…) I spared the lives of the delivery guys. Except one, a short stout fella who just stood there staring at me. I don’t like it when people stare at me. It creeps me out. So down the gullet he went (Was a surprisingly tight fit, his belly was quite a fair bit bigger than I expected, I had to unhinge my jaw to get him to fit!) before I turned my attention to that pile of yummy British artery-clogging noms.

Table manners is not something that I pride myself with. Being a glutton like I am, and with a stomach that’s never really satisfied, I tend to rush my eating a little bit. However yesterday, any remenants of table manners I had left were completely disregarded. I was hungry and there was a mountain of grease and fat to eat. So I literally just too two steps forward, opened my mouth, and flopped down onto the pile of food. I used my arms to horde the food into my mouth, not really bothering to chew. It tasted oh so delicious, so many different flavours of chips, fish, salt and vinegar, and the odd battered sausage too. Their oily coating meant they were easy enough to swallow too, just gliding down my gullet with complete ease. So there I am, flopped forward, straddling my gigantic gut as the fast food just piles in, my arms, face and chest are dripping with grease, my mane is sticky and ruined, crumbs of fish batter, flakes of cod and small bits of chips are clinging to my body. I slowly waddle my way through my idea of ultimate heaven, gorging myself on all this wondrous yummyness.

About 10-15 minutes later, there’s no sign left of any food save for a few crumbs here and there, with the only thing left being a particularly contented looking and extremely full dragon, lying on his back with the apex of his belly reaching a good 4 to 5 feet in the air, and spilling out a good six feet or so. I was just feeling my gut with my paws, and in doing so was spreading a fair amount of that greasy oil about on it as I was watching, listening and feeling it gurgle and churn away at it’s meal. It’s a fascination of mine, hearing a belly work. And especially when that belly is lovely and full, and pinning me to the ground under it’s immense bulk.

And that set the tone for quite a lazy evening. I didn’t do much, just sort of flopped about. Played some games, talked to some peeps, listened to music. The usual evening routine I guess. Although I did get a nice surprise. As I was feeling my belly…which I often do after a large meal, I reached up and was groping over my moobs…and happened to pass my paws underneath the heavy fat folds of flesh, the sagging huge blobs that are my moobs and found that some of the fish and chips had managed to get lost under there. Pulling them out, they’re not just covered in the oily grease they came in, but also some of my own sweat and grease. It really does make a lovely addition, although those of you without a liking for the slobs probably don’t think so. Sucks to be you in my opinion. There was quite a bit wedged under there, and thanks to my dragon-ness and the ludicrously high temperatures here, they were still piping hot. It’s almost as if my own body is beginning to reward me for my endless quest for more and more girth.

And now, I shall think about yet more food. Or penis. Probably both, knowing me.

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